2016 In Photos.

Jan 4, 2017

A Reflection.
It's Monday the 2nd of January 2017 and i'm feeling satisfied. I'm feeling nostalgic. I'm feeling good about the future.
Satisfied with the last 12 months and every little moment in between. 2016 was a tumultuous year of growth and steep learning curves directing me toward the opulent golden doors of adulthood. By golly, it was a tough one - but unmistakably a good one.
Nostalgia is entering my mind for the inexplainable moments that fulfilled the last 365 days of my life. I have become a different person because of these.
And positive for what the future holds, but not in any rush to get there. As the days blur into one all too quickly anyway, and I want to experience & bask in each day for as long as possible. I wouldn't dare wish for it to fly past any faster.

I think that because of the incredible past year that I have experienced in my own way, it's difficult to hear of the atrocious things many have suffered through (and probably focussed too intently on) throughout the past year (and essentially labelling it as the worst year of the century full stop - or something unrealistically along those lines doesn't help their situation either). I genuinely feel a pang of sadness for this displeased bunch.

Firstly, because remembering the good things that happened to you (no matter how numbered they may've been) is so crucial, and no doubt there were irreplaceable memories made somewhere along the line for every person on this planet. There is so much more to life than dwelling on all of the negative occurrences that make an appearance every once in a while (just to spice things up a little, ya know?) when the world has just as much positivity to share that balances out the worst of times.

Secondly, because there is almost always some sort of character building life lesson to be had, simply by learning how to dust yourself off, get back onto your feet again and giving life another wholehearted crack.

So here's to a year of lessons.
A year of unexplainable highs, and lows to challenge them.
A year of personal growth.
Another year alive on this beautiful planet.

© Renée Alexis. Maira Gall.